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We Hike, We Learn, We Play,

Part of our homeschooling week includes (sometimes many) outdoor activities: Austin Nature Center science class, Austin Families in Nature, Co-op, camping, Boy/Cub scouts, bike riding, parks, music concerts, soccer practice, baseball practice and hiking a trail. We love to be outside! The weather is usually great here for all of these activities the entire year- yes its hot in August but that is perfect for swimming holes, beaches and the pools.  I enjoy taking the love of nature and the outdoors and including a lesson so we are constantly finding new items to bring home to our nature collection jars (on display in the living room).  Enjoy our outdoor/world learning pictures:  Best spot to eat lunch after that climb up!

                             Lost Maples State park- November 2014- fantastic 5 mile hike!
Cub Scout night hike/sleepover  at the Fort Worth Zoo!  December 2014 Hiking up the Santa Monica Mountains. Museum play
Sea Life Science Center  Camp grounds exploring.  Loving …