We love a good fieldtrip! Not only does it get us out of the house (which for me is necessary) it allows my boys to explore the city, museums, plays, new friends, new social settings, and best of all learn. Here are a few of the trips we have taken this past semester Fall 2013.

Paramount Theater for Marionetas de la Esquina, a puppet theater company from Mexico City. "Sleeping Beauty Dreams"

Science Day at Bob Bullock Museum, we make several visits a year for the homeschool day and the IMAX nature movies. 

Witt Museum off to SanAntonio we went in September for the Dino exhibit and 

RenFest 2013! Our visit started really early and it rained most of the way it was soggy when we arrived and very humid! It ended up being a blast. The boys favorite event was the joust. This aligned with our The Story of the World Volume 2:Middle Ages history book. 

A walk to the park on a autumn day. Exploring and talking about our local environment.

Wonder crew at BartonCreek Farm- maze with question to figure out which way to go, history at the forts and general fun with friends. 

Mayfield Park with the wonder crew- our smaller group of homeschoool families that meet for fun adventures in the area. 

Our summer vacation to southern California- we took the train and learned about the railways, states that we went through and how to entertain ourselves w/out home computers big open spaces. It was a highlight of our vacation. 

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