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Homeschool 2.0

We are in full-swing homeschool now! Noah started seat work and I am figuring out how to create a fun learning environment for both boys (at the same time). Noah has basically taught himself to read and I found that the phonics books were boring him after the summer. Nicholas has found a strong interest in coding and has taken some online intro classes- glad he is self teaching because I have no clue when it comes to coding.  Our seat work only takes 1.5-2 hrs/day,  both boys learn best while engaged in activities so we plan lots of learning fieldtrips, playdates, co-op, a few classes, continue to participate in cub scouts, ( but did change to a homeschool den) and experiment with science at home. We started the Marathon Kids challenge and plan to complete that marathon by February 2014.

Here is our schedule as of November 2013

Parents schedule: Dad still works M-F and is away from the home from 7:30am-6pm. He is having fun taking the boys to their piano/guitar lessons at Orpheus Ac…

Re-Post from February 2012

This was from a blog post from Feb. 2012- a general blog I started in '09-and a few edits.  I didn't keep it updated but I found this and………..well obviously since then we made our decision to homeschool. Interesting to see the process (in a small way) in blog form. I hope to blog regularly even with spelling, grammar, and typos (I am trying to not stress about it……obviously I'm not "writey"-homeschool humor.)

    Nick has been an "A" student, has never had an undesirable behavior and loves his elementary school. What I have witnessed and learned about  Nick is that he has an extremely strong desire to learn........"I want to know everything" is a recurring statement in our home. I don't find this unusual because our oldest also had a strong desire to learn all the time but he never had the focus that the the middle one  has. The 1st grader sits quietly and focused at school waiting for the other children to start a lesson, he never interru…

How do I do it? Generally Speaking of course.

When I was researching how I was going to homeschool (I'm a nurse not a teacher) One of my desires  was to really see a "normal" families schedule and exactly what that looked like. I had a few friends that homeschooled but they all had odd schedules and didn't work outside the home. I realize now each day can be SO different but here is generally how our homeschooling week/day/hours look like.(If I don't have special meetings for AACNS, sick kid/parent, a fun traveling field trip, or general mama fatigue.)
We did take a 2 week break for Christmas/New Year 2012.

 Our Family Life:

Parents week:Dad works M-F leaves the house at 7:30am and gets home approx. 6:30pm. He can have cub scout meetings or den meetings to take the boys to some weeks. Mom works Friday nights, Saturday, and Sunday days.  I usually have an evening meeting or fun night out once/twice during the week. I try and get up and out of the house to workout at 5:30 or 6 am- it really does improve my day…

Where we were and where we are going

November-December 2012  Nick's home piano concert was the spark that has lit his musical interest to greater heights! He has composed his first song and practices throughout the day without being prompted. His piano instructor at Orpheus Academy of Music  has requested he move to 45min lessons due to his enthusiasm and longer pieces. The music theory class or musicianship class is another place where he has fun with kids his age in a learning environment. 

Scout camping fun. One of the best "Good Citizenship" courses a boy could learn from. We do have our concerns about BSOA but our current pack is serving our needs and Dean is having a blast being part of that community. 
Eager boys start class early (7am)  without mama who is recovering from a hard weekend at work. GO BOYS! 

"And Then Came Tango" an opportunity for the boys to see a live play and be a part of the action. They enjoyed the experience and we had great conversations about the subject of different…