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Re-Post from February 2012

This was from a blog post from Feb. 2012- a general blog I started in '09-and a few edits.  I didn't keep it updated but I found this and………..well obviously since then we made our decision to homeschool. Interesting to see the process (in a small way) in blog form. I hope to blog regularly even with spelling, grammar, and typos (I am trying to not stress about it……obviously I'm not "writey"-homeschool humor.)

    Nick has been an "A" student, has never had an undesirable behavior and loves his elementary school. What I have witnessed and learned about  Nick is that he has an extremely strong desire to learn........"I want to know everything" is a recurring statement in our home. I don't find this unusual because our oldest also had a strong desire to learn all the time but he never had the focus that the the middle one  has. The 1st grader sits quietly and focused at school waiting for the other children to start a lesson, he never interrupts or adds to discussions. He accepts the lesson his teacher is teaching and does his work, then patiently waits for the next lesson/task. I realized he is spending 50% of his day patiently waiting for more.......he will then come home and wants to "learn" or build on his lessons here at home. There is little time for just being a playful kid (some of the learning is playful but certainly not enough) I want to teach him what he desires but I also expect him to have some good 'ole kid fun! He does ask to have more time to ride his bike, play "pretend" with Noah, Lego building and Wii games but its now too late or homework is not complete.
  Here is where home learning comes in: we do currently have curriculum at home (mainly classical education material) and we do many of our activities at home in a learning style. He is so easy to teach to, wants to learn, has a sweet nature, and loves family life- why not keep him "home" teaching for approx. 2-3 hrs daily and playing/experience learning the rest of the time?
     I realize this is a HUGE commitment on my part but I don't find it overwhelming or find myself wondering how I will get through the day with both my boys at home with me. I enjoy them and find it easy to have fun, to learn, and explore with them. It makes me happy. So even though he is attending a fantastic school that has some wonderful teachers and offers fantastic experiences, I still wonder if homeschooling is the right choice for our family. My next step in the final decision: test results from a GT evaluation, teacher conference and counselor conference. (I sure wish my mother-in-law where still here to help me understand the public school system better and help guide me on the right choices for my boys.)
I look for guidance and have had some positive feed back from mamas/teachers that I admire and respect. The signs are here..........even Dean is impressed with the information on homeschooling that I have given him.
    It will become clear soon.

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The new year started after a fun Christmas with family. We took a winter break and started up with regular activities the second week of 2016.
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