Where we were and where we are going

November-December 2012 
Nick's home piano concert was the spark that has lit his musical interest to greater heights! He has composed his first song and practices throughout the day without being prompted. His piano instructor at Orpheus Academy of Music  has requested he move to 45min lessons due to his enthusiasm and longer pieces. The music theory class or musicianship class is another place where he has fun with kids his age in a learning environment. 

Scout camping fun. One of the best "Good Citizenship" courses a boy could learn from. We do have our concerns about BSOA but our current pack is serving our needs and Dean is having a blast being part of that community. 

Eager boys start class early (7am)  without mama who is recovering from a hard weekend at work. GO BOYS! 

"And Then Came Tango" an opportunity for the boys to see a live play and be a part of the action. They enjoyed the experience and we had great conversations about the subject of different ideas of love.

The lights are up and the legendary trail is lit up again. It is nice to be able to have the freedom to do these types of fun family outings and not have to worry about "getting up early" or doing homework for school tomorrow. We tried a new family tradition and took a trip to the Christmas tree farm- we didn't find a local tree that was to Nick and Dad's liking but we did have fun and hopefully the area will get more rain this year to produce some amazing local trees for next year. And look how these boys are growing. 
We are going to continue our homeschool journey and will make our own way each year, month, day and hour. No need to feel the stress and pressures of "keeping up" with the crowd as long as the family is learning, loving and keeping healthy we can be content with our decision to homeschool. 
Our 2013 resolutions: 
Noah: to learn to read harder books
Nick: to read 2 Harry Potter books
Dean: to walk the dog more and spend more time outdoors with the boys
Me: to continue working out 3d/week giving myself some "me" time.

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