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We Hike, We Learn, We Play,

Part of our homeschooling week includes (sometimes many) outdoor activities: Austin Nature Center science class, Austin Families in Nature, Co-op, camping, Boy/Cub scouts, bike riding, parks, music concerts, soccer practice, baseball practice and hiking a trail. We love to be outside!
The weather is usually great here for all of these activities the entire year- yes its hot in August but that is perfect for swimming holes, beaches and the pools. 
I enjoy taking the love of nature and the outdoors and including a lesson so we are constantly finding new items to bring home to our nature collection jars (on display in the living room). 
Enjoy our outdoor/world learning pictures: 
Best spot to eat lunch after that climb up!

                             Lost Maples State park- November 2014- fantastic 5 mile hike!
Cub Scout night hike/sleepover  at the Fort Worth Zoo! 
December 2014
Hiking up the Santa Monica Mountains.
Museum play

Sea Life Science Center 
Camp grounds exploring. 
Loving nature 


Exploring a sculpture 
sand/water play 

California February 2015- Museums, hiking, beach, camping. 
Oh and this: 

SMAP Delta II Rocket Launch!

Hot Springs Arkansas, Lake Catherine State Park
with our homeschool co-op friends.
April 2015

Fishing class. 
April 2015
AFiN at Westcaves Nature Preserve

Cub Scout Hiking at Mayfield Park 
April 2015

AFiN Play 
April 2015

Park day, the new Ramsey playground. 
March 2015

Soccer and reading time. 
April 2015

Co-op Geocaching. 
March 2015

Cub Scout Volunteer trail clean up. 
April 2015

SXSW for kids Concert/Fundraiser 
March 2015
We sit inside for a little while too! ; ) 

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2016-17 Homeschool Year

Last year was a whirl wind! We were busy, busy, busy.  Science Team and Boys Scouts took the top seat in our families crazy ride during the traditional school months 9/2016-5/17.  The boys enjoyed making new friends at the weekly AAH Science Team meetings and Nicholas and his partners did great at all events they participated in. Noah continued to advance his guitar playing and amazes us with his love of music and classical guitar. With older brother moving out each boy now has his own room as of January 2017 and this was perfect timing as Nicholas is in "teen" mode and spends his study hours in his room while Noah and I continue to enjoy learning together in the play/classroom. Although he is needing less and less one on one time with me.
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Monday: In home working on subjects music theory in the late afternoons, and Boy Scout meeting in the evenings.

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The new year started after a fun Christmas with family. We took a winter break and started up with regular activities the second week of 2016.
We all went on the Cub Scouts Polar Bear Campout at Palmetto State Park and FINALY earned the Polar Bear Badge. It was a fun weekend- we headed up the Bear Carnival, the boys made carnival games and lead the activities for all the other scouts.
Birthday Sleepover! The boys had a combo birthday party sleep over and they had a blast! 

I began leading the middle math club group. I learned so much from these kids and we had a great time making math funny, challenging and learning together. "Is zero positive or negative?" "Is one a prime or not?" 

 Noah continues to like Math Club Jr and did meet some great fiends, participated in amazing math challenges and gained new knowledge! What a fun group and great leader we have!

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Our new schedule feels like it may be over-scheduled at this point of the year but I have learned over the last two years of homeschooling that we like to be out exploring with friends and I can always make adjustments as needed. Also since they are getting through curriculum quickly I don't feel the need to spend more time at the "classroom table".  Here is our 2014-15 tentative schedule: 
5am- I will continue to go for a run 7am- kids are up by now playing 8am-breakfast 9am- In the classroom working on curriculum 12noon- lunch 1pm- quiet reading time/researching projects 1:30-5pm- usually an afternoon activity. (see below)  6pm-dinner 7pm- Free time 9pm-kids bedtime (we are currently reading The Little House books) 

Weekly Schedule:  Monday-Morning- Once a month the boys are enrolled in Austin Naure and Science Center homeschool science class. A great way for the boys to spend learning time outside! Afternoon Music Theory group class at Orpheus Academy of Music. Tuesda…