Fall 2015

Summer was fun!

 Since we homeschool year round we don't have a tradition about "First Day of School" but in September when all of our yearly activities re-start we do get on a Homeschool Schedule. Each year is different but some parts of the day do remain the same. Here is the current schedule:

 Monday: Class work at home, chores and organizing for the week. Orpheus Academy of Music theory classes at 4:45-5:30pm. I can get to the library during this time or a quick grocery trip in. I would love to plan to sit and read for the 45min. but that just doesn't happen most Mondays.  Monday nights Nicholas has Boy Scout meetings. We love Troop 410 and Nicholas had a fantastic summer camp experience with them.

Tuesday: Looks like AAH Math Team/Club is taking up most of our day. Nicholas loved math club so much last year he wants to attend this year also. He is also attending Math Team Mathcounts I, and with the club adding in a younger group,Noah is also attend and having fun with math games/exploring and friends.
Pascal's Triangle 
   Morning class work at home. 
   11am-Math Club for 3-5th grades
   12:30  packed lunch
    1pm- Math Club for Noah and Team for Nicholas
    3pm- Private Lessons for the boys Piano and Guitar at Orpheus
    Twice a month Noah has Cub Scout Den Meetings at 6:30pm

Wednesday- Families in Nature group mid morning to early afternoon. This pic is one of our recent activities. So many fun outdoor/nature inspired exploring activities scheduled. Our favorite group
of homeschool friends, we learn, play, and get some exercise in on Wednesdays.  We will try afternoon class work at home.

                                                Owl Pellet Dissections

Thursday: We are going to try an Improv class in the mornings. Nicholas is interested in theater-  this will make our week extra busy and with our co-op classes all afternoon, it will also make for two busy days of the week!   Co-op continues to be fun for the boys and keeps us engaged with a larger group of homeschoolers in the area. I usually teach a class a session so it takes up  a great deal of time. I like the structure and enrichment for the boys and they enjoy the friendships and classes. This is a great group of homeschool families! 

Friday:  Classwork at home. House chores. 
              One Friday a month we do attend the ANSC homeschool science classes and twice a month we attend Coder Dojo in the afternoons - the boys are learning to code with friends and mentor volunteers are there  to help. 

Saturday and Sunday I am working all day.  The boys usually have a scout activity, Nicholas camps with his troop once a month, and generally have a fun dad weekend.

Last day of swimming in nature! Blue Hole. 


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