Spring 2016

The new year started after a fun Christmas with family. We took a winter break and started up with regular activities the second week of 2016.
We all went on the Cub Scouts Polar Bear Campout at Palmetto State Park and FINALY earned the Polar Bear Badge. It was a fun weekend- we headed up the Bear Carnival, the boys made carnival games and lead the activities for all the other scouts.
Birthday Sleepover! The boys had a combo birthday party sleep over and they had a blast! 

I began leading the middle math club group. I learned so much from these kids and we had a great time making math funny, challenging and learning together. "Is zero positive or negative?" "Is one a prime or not?" 

 Noah continues to like Math Club Jr and did meet some great fiends, participated in amazing math challenges and gained new knowledge! What a fun group and great leader we have!

As the weather warmed up we took learning out on the deck. My favorite time of the year SPRING! 
We continued to attend Coder Dojo and both boys completed the second challenge and earn their yellow "belts". 

Homeschool Co-op was filled with edible science, Hogwarts Year III, Make Your Own Play, Magic the Gathering and my class Fun Decorated Treats. 

It was another fun homeschool "semester" so many more things we accomplished this year. 
Other highlights: 
Homeschool Days at Hill Country Science Museum in Johnson City. 

Noah advances to Webelos I 

Second National Park Jr. Ranger badge, LBJ National and State park in Johnson City. 

AFiN Worms, learning about birds, a Bat Paddle and so much more. We love our weekly Wednesday in nature day. 

Cub Scout Spring Campout at Dinosaur Valley

 Homeschool Co-op spring family camping trip to Inks Lake State Park

Ranger night hike, learning about the stars.

Our Best Camping trip! Big Bend National Park! 

Hiked at total of 20+ miles on this trip!

Balmorhea State Park, so refreshing! 

Bonus pool at the campgrounds
Our home for the week! Camping with our friends from Troop 410- can't wait to do it again! 

Bird lecture

Practicing for Boy Scout climbing campout. 
Valentines Day 

Valentine's Day 

Cleaning up Bastrop State Park 
Making Pine needle tea. 
Learning about the Springs in the ANSC class. 

Attending Science Lecture at UT 

Homeschool Co-op! 

Hope Gallery
Hope Gallery 

Removing the pulp to see the leaf skeleton 



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